Almost eight months back I started taking interest in stock market because one of my friend suggested that it has great potential. I have heard the volatility and the risk involved in stock market trading. I started and ended no where with no such gain but some losses and frustration. It proved that i am not suited for this market. When your hard earned money goes in the market because of foolishness, you always get frustrated particularly for salaried class. I thought either i quit or find a suitable person who can guide me in this vast volatile market. I got some mails from Sokhi team (Mr. Chanpreet) and i followed him on you tube. By the suggestion of him i came to know about Abhijit sir and his QMT course (Qualified market trader). In first instance i got hesitated whether this is ok or not or will i be a fool again. But some how after 4 months of introduction i joined this QMT course. I was just a fresher but the way Mr. Abhijit Paul guided the participants, the one month course never looked tough. His guidance and the support of experienced fellow participants helped me so much that yes now i can say that i am not a blind trader. Now i have eyes that can scan the market. Abhijit sir commitment and assurance that when ever u are going wrong always check with me is further boost up for the participants, it is a lifetime affair as i am your financial path guider. Thanks Abhijit sir for kind words, dont know how much i will be succeful but your efforts had been marvelous. For every fresher who want to enter stock market initial guidance is very necessary so that u can drive through the market flawlessly and QMT is best for that. Thanks Abhijit sir, Chanprret Sir and my QMT 2 colleagues.

Gyanendra Singh

I had attended workshop of Technical Analysis workshop from Abhijit Paul 2 years back and in short i just want to say is. I was struggling for some points which i had gained in the session.
Sir said one important thing Never catch small companies like. Unitech , Moserbear xyz which have no constant growth and in that our technicals can fail 2 to 3 times compare to sound companies.

Moser bear – Purane paap 😉 the best dialogue sir said in session when someone asked asked query for this i got at very high and now its 80% depreciated.
I had taken this line in my mind and started working on my old trades and what i analyzed is never try to catch falling knife , non growing companies.

Try to trade in Maruti, Force Motors , MRF , Infosys Etc. demanding and growing companies which have a good past records and future growth 🙂

Sir shared many good chart , indicators , patterns.
I did my work once i was back from the session daily 2 to 3 hours and yes today i give full credits to sir. He had shown the way and it is on us to catch the train 🙂

Thank you @Abhijit sir 🙂

Last but not least i had gained 3 times zerodha winner in Eq , Fno and many more to come

I bought new bikes , and I phone and many more stuff with help of market

This month end planning to buy Royal Enfiled with market earnings

Srigopal Bhattad

I attended AST with Abhijit Sir in June and then watched all his YouTube videos, gone through his websites/blogs, read about 10x Trader, Read about Alphabets, messaged Abhijit Sir personally with my goals and ambitions and asked him to have a mentor-mentee relationship to which he kindly agreed. He is a gem, have never met personally but I am sure will definitely host him when he is in my city next. I joined QMT in his able guidance and the learning has been tremendous. I subscribed to alphabets Pro last week to focus on specific stocks studies, to reverse engineer the rationale of those recommendations from my own self study and practice. This is going to be a long journey and would need his continuous guidance and direction. I don’t want to rush it so largerly focussing on all the books recommend by Abhijit Sir in the past and want to build the practical knowledge steadily. Please use it as a feedback, feel free to edit it and I will be happy to be the brand ambassador to promote the importance of the course. AST + QMT is worth much more than the money. I have attended a course after a long time where ROI is exponential and you know it will only keep increasing.

Robin Arya

QMT2 training is really an eye opening session for me. It actually helps me to see the market with different angel. The best part of this training is that it gives me a reason to trade without listening the noises.If my system convince me then only i will trade. Thanks again sir….:) One think i will always remember that if i take care of my risk, return will take care itself. Very well said sir…

Sanjay Rakshit

As a beginner like me QMT is a very powerful training program.before this I don’t know when to enter in a stock and where to exit .i will keep learning .thank you Abhijit sir and his team …

Vinod Jain

Abhijit, my sincere thanks and appreciations for putting together such a great program (QMT). Though I joined almost mid-way I truly enjoyed ever bit of it and learnt a lot. I found you to be genuine, very knowledgeable, hands-on and having a structured approach. No wonder, every minute of the program just reflected that.

You introduced me to a parallel world of indicators based strategy; I was previously limiting my belief to patterns ( I remember asking you before joining, that how different is the program from the typical market trading training). The way you used the indicator combo based on your classification is very unique. Very encouraged to know that you use these strategies that you taught us in your day-to-day too.

Your idea of getting us a free trial of a professional software was very thoughtful. I have practiced on the software by recreating the QMT scans.

I would take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your all your endeavours.

Harry K

I remember the very first day of my AST class…I was speechless in the class because the guy whom we used to see on the tv was now sitting inside the class with me…The happiest moment of my life was when you started knowing me by my name from the second class itself…Slowly and surely i was becoming confident about technical analysis…You are an amazing person, an enthusiastic mentor, a good friend for his students and definitely a smart trader…Your disciplined approach towards stock market is great…AST techniques made me a consistent and profitable trader…Easy setups, smart money management and a disciplined approach is what needed to create a “TRADER”…The transparency in you is so much that you even share your completed trades on your website publically…What else a person needs…Overall my experience with you was great…Hoping to work with you in future…And i would also like to remind you of the T-shirt of mine which you signed and gifted me…Thanks a lot Abhijit sir…You are one of the best mentor i have ever met…Very lucky to have you as part of my life…May god always bless you and your entire team


AST has helped me in many ways, it has changed my approach towards market and trading. Now my every trade is backed with very strong technical analysis and the results are amazing, all thanks to AST.

Sagar Pawar - Kolkata

My experience with AST and with Abhijit sir was great as I learnt a lot, specially the trading strategies and the money management classes were the best.

Rohit Kumar Dey - Kolkata

In AST, I learned about market and also made good friends, and met great Abhijit sir, I loved it… Earlier, I was just a normal trader, and now I am professional

Pradeep V - Warrangal

Being a newcomer in the field of reading AST training and opened my mind to so many new things and new possibilities. I have learner so much from you about reading charts, trading strategies and most importantly trading mindset. You have touched topics that are usually not talked about and it has helped me to start working towards achieving the kind of discipline required to be a successful trader. Thank you so much for giving me clarity and a sense of direction. I will keep learning and improve myself everyday.

Lubna Muneer - Kolkata

Excellent course, very useful combination of hands on knowledge paired with the theoretical understanding as well. I enjoyed every aspect of the course. Abhijit sir is just excellent. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in technical aspects of the stock markets.

Roshan Aftab - Kolkata

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Abhijit Sir for mentoring us really well. I am a non-finance background beginner to the field of trading with absolutely no experience. I was initially reluctant of my decision to learn technical analysis before even starting trading. But I anyways went with it, and I’m really glad I did. Sir, you made it so simple that even a beginner like me can now at the end say I know how to trade, not sure if I’ll make profits, but I know how. And that, for me is quite a big deal. Thank you, sir. “

Rachita Shorewala

By far the best technical analysis guide I have gone through. Abhijit Sir guides us through all the key concepts along with real life practical examples which helps us understand the complex points with ease. I would surely recommend this course to others who want to train themselves in technical analysis or want to trade in future for living. This course also focuses on one of the important points in trading that is “Traders Psychology”. We had a great time during the course and would love to be a part of AST and other courses under Abhijit sir in future.

Tuhin Sarkar - Kolkata

Thank you Abhijit for the fantastic QMT program. Your method of explaining and simplifying concepts was truly exemplary. The way you have taught us de-mystifies and makes understanding of technical indicators very simple. There were 3 highlights for me in this program. One being the scanning technique as it addressed the perpetual dilemma of “how do we identify which stock”. The other aspect very close to my heart was the investing session which you took covering the wonderful aspect of long term wealth creation. And the third being your lifetime availability commitment towards us. Thank you once again.

Zarir Nagarwala

Hi Abhijit Sir,
The QMT Webinar proved very useful. I felt like I should have done it before itself. I am sure it will help me a lot in my day to day trading & yield me good profit. Earlier I have faced a lot of issues selecting stocks for intraday and long term. Now I have a clear idea for both.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am really happy with the content of the course and live presentation. All the techniques you have taught are very good.Your teaching technique is excellent and very simple. Any new member can grasp it easily. You are doing a great job. Thank you so much

Shiv Kumar

One of the most valuable lesson Abhijit Sir taught in trading was to keep trades least complicated and to stick to your strategy. Like any newbie in the market, I was earlier trading based on results/news/calls provided by various technical analysts. But now, all my trades are backed by strategies. Money management has helped me to limit losses and protect capital to a great extent. All this has in turn boosted my confidence while trading. For this, entire credit goes to Abhijit Sir. Thanks a lot Abhijit Sir for teaching the subject in a very simplified manner. I look forward to keep learning from you in some or the other way. Wish you all the best in all your endeavours.”

Ashish Purandare - Mumbai

I thank you for the wonderful Learning sessions give by you , the setups explained by you are good and best part with your trading patterns is a secondary support pattern which further gives confidence in taking up the trade. The multiple setups also give an opportunity to find considerable quantity of trades in the market, the setups are powerful and give opportunities in all time frames. Looking forward to year long weekly mentorship sessions where we shall get an opportunity to discuss and improve our trading with your experienced hand-holding.

Saurabh - Ghaziabad

It my pleasure to meet Abhijit Sir as a mentor and after doing AST class, I understood it is not only about studying technical analysis, it is an ART how to create our own thoughts regarding Financial Markets or even with your life decisions. Thanks you so much Abhijit Sir.

Gaurav Yadav

I am really happy that I did this course because it has opened a new door for me into the world of technical analysis. The amount of knowledge I have gained during this course is beyond what I was expecting.

Nishith Sheth - Kolkata

I have attended dozens of workshops and training sessions and this one was by far amongst the best.
Abhijit made it interesting from the get-go and his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone.
The course was very well structured and Abhijit gave clear and concise examples to support his interpretation of how to utilize the indicators for the various trade setups covered which made it easy to relate to.
Excellent background information about the technical indicators helped us all understand the indicators in their proper context.
When you’ve been in the trading business for as many years as I have the only thing you can improve on is your psychological capital and mental composure. I would definitely recommend this workshop/course to all existing and wannabe traders.

Floyd J. Lewis - Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Being enrolled in this course has been not just a great learning experience but also a fun and interesting experience for me. Initially, I had my inhibition about trading, especially as I had lost a lot of money in trading when I traded just based on suggestions and news. Due to such large losses and my inability to understand the market comprehensively. I turned to a more formal approach. I heard about you from NSE academy and decided to pursue this opportunity. I had made the right choice as I can confidently say I now know how to understand trading better. I am sure I will be able to recover my losses and also profit from trading now that I know what are the things to be kept in mind. Thank you so very much Abhijit sir.

Ansh Saluja - Kolkata

Few days back I was on the internet looking to get the skills/knowledge on trading the right way. After many searches and watching hour long youtube videos, came across Mr Abhijit Paul on youtube and then after watching his few short videos, it didnot take longer to decide that the training program – QMT was exactly I needed.
After completing the session I have the knowledge and will be practicing this to be successful.

And the best thing is he teaches exactly the same method which he uses in his advisory products #AlphaBets .

Happy Trading when you are part of QMT

Santosh Kumar

Teaching is an art and you have mastered it. In my entire life never enjoyed classes this much. You make classes so much lively and knowledgeable. You make the subject so interactive and interesting. I know we cannot learn to trade in a day or so but the confidence is provided at a very beginning stage. You are a great mentor keep the good work up and inspiring others in coming future the same way you did to us.

Shray Goel - Kolkata

It has been an great experience being a part of QMT batch 6 under Abhijit Sir’s guidance. I have been trading since long time and studied lots of technical book and got more and more confused. Learnt valuable lessons of life like “Keep Trading Simple” and “Less is More” along with technical analysis and various strategies in a very simplified way. Indeed it’s a new beginning of learning. Thank you once again.

Vishal Ramrao Nerkar, Pune.

QMT2 is easily the best training program to learn trading and technical analysis.The best and most important thing is sir has given a clear process to select stocks and focus only on them,this removes the chaos and ambiguity and makes way for neat ,rule based trading.At the start of the course sir had said that he will make sure that our learning is complete.This is exactly what qmt2 has delivered. Thank you so much sir.

Prateek Sharma

QMT6 is one of the best experience wherein one can overcome the fear of stock market and it will help and encourage new comers to join the trading world without any financial background as well…fear of UP & DOWN will calm down by Knowing things & i.e. QMT6 🙂

Abhijit you are one of the best & your passion for training helps us in building our confidence in Trading with clarity and not with fear…

Thanks a lot Abhijit, QMT6 was a wonderful Learning experience !!! ……

Krishna Murthy Dandapani

Dear Abhijit Sir, outstanding profit in Ajanta Pharma 20k+ Tata Steel 20k+ & Bharti Airtel 10k+ total above 50k+++ profits… many many congratulations to all alphaBETS family members who enjoyed this massive profits…. Abhijit sir you are rockstar boss… real trade… real money….

Kabeer Rawal

“I was looking for a cohesive course on TA since a long time and everything I came across was half baked, without practical application and examples. I am very glad to have come across Abhijit’s Mentorship course. It is a one stop shop for anyone wanting to not only learn about TA, but also apply it in the markets. But most importantly, however good the course content, if the mentor/instructor is not up to the mark, everything falls apart. In this regard, Abhijit’s style of teaching, patience, and his ability to break down complex topics into simple bits for easy understanding is what makes him and his course stand miles apart from whatever else is available. If anyone is looking to start trading using TA, this is where you do it. I truly thank him for giving me the edge in trading”

Karan - Cambodia

I just wanted to say in simple words . Thank you for your great course..after completing QMT 7 (ABHJITOLOGY)☺️ i got Clear cut Market vision… nd abhjit sir developed stateegys are just way to Treasure .. this is Far and above finest trading course . I am thanking You out loud daily for teaching mee…😘😊😊


I consider myself very fortunate to have taken the decision of joining the AST Course and getting an opportunity to learn from an expert like you. It’s helping me a lot in my day to day trading & yielding me good profit. Earlier I have faced a lot of issues selecting stocks for intraday and delivery. Now I have a clear idea for both.The best and most important thing is, you have given a clear process how to select stocks. This removes the chaos and ambiguity and makes trading much easier.

You made me understand the use of indicators and how to use them correctly.

All the techniques / strategies you have taught were absolutely new to me and I found them very good and unique and helping me yield good intraday profits especially. Earlier I used to incur huge losses during intraday trades as I didn’t know when to enter and when to exit. But now, only because of you sir that being able to take correct decisions.Your teaching techniques are commendable. You have been wonderful in explaining the concepts in a language everyone can easily understand.. Explaining all the doubts then and there so that we can come out of the course with clear mind and approach for trading. I would surely recommend this course for anyone interested in taking up trading as a career and especially learning from you sir..

Lahari Kundu - Kolkata

Dear Sir

It had been a great journey with you throughout the AST curriculum. Though my interest in the technicals part is the least almost near to the nil but still liked your way of teaching and addressing each and everyone’s doubts. I personally got very influenced by your personality and behavioural style and is even trying to run the same positive attitude within me.

Hope to meet you soon again!

Kind Regards

Harshit Jain

It was new avenue for me in the world of stock market. Thanks to Abhijit sir

Subhashis Bag - Hooghly

AST is the wonderful experience. As i was correctly told there are many AHA moments for me. I hope every AST student will enjoy and get benefited.AST is the wonderful experience. As i was correctly told there are many AHA moments for me. I hope every AST student will enjoy and get benefited

Chandrakant Panchal - Mumbai

It has been an amazing experience being a part of AST under Abhijit Sir’s guidance. A very helpful teacher cum friend who was always there to help. This experience gonna help me till the day I will be in the market. Thank You Kredent Academy and Abhijit Sir. The experience and knowledge that I’ve gained from here will be very helpful in enhancing my career

Dinesh Dhanuka - Howrah

QMT not only taught strategies for trading. But also taught us the thinking process how to approach stocks.. which stock to consider and which one to let go.. Abhijit sir has been wonderful explaining the concepts in a language everyone can easily understand.. Explaining all the doubts then and there so that we can come out of the course with clear mind and approach for trading.. He was amazing that he ensured our undersanding and what he taught was inline.. So overall I didnt regret my decision to go for this course and I believe attending this QMT course is going to be a life changing decision…

Suresh Kumar

Hi friends. I am a graduate from The Bhawanipur Education Society College – Kolkata. During my first year college had organised a 5 days workshop on basics of stock markets. The last session was taken by Abhijit sir which was indeed the best and the most simple session I have ever attended. Sir had explained us the concepts of technical analysis in a very simple manner and from then my interest into technical analysis grow day by day. I used to take help from sir with my doubts via WhatsApp and it is great that sir replies to all my doubts and analysis despite being soo busy in his work. I am glad to get him as my mentor

Siddhartha Dhariwal

Hi Abhijit Sir,

Thank you for QMT, and the other services you have been providing. Stay healthy and stay blessed!

I was always afraid of market commentary that people used to say. They say RSI, resistance, support, break out and what not. I was interested in learning this. But, I was not able to understand any material that I have gone through.

I think that I am fortunate to have attended QMT. It not only helped me understand the charts, but also helps me make some decisions which are good. Being optimistic, some trades might fail and some might do good. That said, I am sort of risk averse trader and so far, with minimal price fluctuation points; I was able to apply strategies and make some money after loosing a lot 🙂

While QMT helped me cut the dependency; Alphabets helped me understand and follow some important pointers to consider when it comes to a trade. I am looking for time to give things a best shot and will certainly work more closely in markets and will keep learning. The reason being, you make it sound straight, short and simple!

People have a wrong assumption that stock market is gambling, and stock tips providers scam people. QMT proves that trading is not gambling and it needs you to learn and excel inorder to earn. Alphabets proves that money can be made in intraday trading!

Thanks again, for letting me in ; and for the training provided. That said, I’ll keep bugging you in case some concept or indicator is not clear 😛 Thanks again, Sir!

Rakesh Akuthota

I am deeply grateful for the support and coaching that I have received from my QMT2 course with Abhijit Paul.The course is very informative and relevant with real time chart illustrations,Not only have he empowered me with the tools to trade,You gave me the confidence to trade with my own money that I would normally hand to others with the knowledge.Now I know that I don’t have to fear trading opportunities anymore and can be successful not based on luck.Well done sir you offer an excellent educational program that is building QMT2

Einsteen Kondaveti

Dear Abhijit sir,
I was fortunate to be part of the QMT 1 Batch. I learnt the way to look at market and the approach to be followed. Liked your emphasis on process and striving towards continuous improvement. The best part of QMT was your transparency in sharing what you learnt. During the course in our analysis the stocks you screened the same you had recommended in Alphabets. Thank you very much.

Amar Nadh

Hello Sir! It was a gr8 experience in having the MDP on Advance Technical Analysis taken by You… got lot of things which were unknown to me b4 joining the course on, equity market analysis. Thanks and looking forward for getting lot more new and innovative ideas to develop my analytical skill .

Indrajit Mukherjee

It has been a great journey through QMT where I learnt so many new things. Abhijit Sir is a great mentor, who guided me through the ups and downs of the markets. He has a great knowledge of Indian markets which he shared to the fullest. He taught us the systematic way of trading which I was totally unaware before joining QMT. He answered each and every question thrown to him with an ease and calmness. My overall QMT experience was really great and I must say that now I am a much learned and a better trader and have a new way of looking at the Indian Stock Market. Thanks a lot Abhijit Sir.

Anant Nigam

Ast has changed my view to look at charts and now I feel more confident in trading with the help of Abhijit Sir.

Sudhir Agarwal

Hello Abhijit Sir, After doing AST with you again decided to do QMT and after completing it, I can say that my decision was not wrong. Again I have gained significantly from QMT and It was great learning specially the swing strategies from this course. I have to admit that the way you teach is awsome and the use of easy terms like when you talk about Moving Average Crossovers that “Poora Gaon yahi karta hai” let us help to remember every concept very well. Although the live session was not that wonderful as I was expecting some LIVE trades happening in front But still It was OK and gave us the INSIDE CANDLE strategy. One important thing that I would like to appreciate is the flexibility you give to your students to discuss things other than market like psychology, stress management etc.Thanks and request you to keep your students updated by giving some refresher classes time to time.

Harpreet Dhillon

“I have been in markets for more than a year losing day in day out,Finally I understood if I want sustain n win with the markets I should invest in myself first,as said by great traders or Investors ‘Price is God’ ,but how do you actually make Analysis of price was a question daunting me all the time ,for which I could find a solution with QMT,it has given me a sense of Price Movement analysis which ultimately is biggest key to anyone who needs to be a successful participant in the market,I m absolutely indebted to Abhijit sir for showing me a new world of Trading.” ….

Madhava Krishna D

Who is a good Mentors? One who listens, One who guides, who is practical and shares insights, is willing to educate and is also accessible. All of these qualities are there in Abhijit Sir. I will insist if anyone wants to learn technical analysis, one must learn it from Abhijit Sir. If you practise his teachings, you will never be disappointed.

Ameet Gundecha - Ahmednagar

This course is well structured. Learned all the basic aspects of technical analysis and day trading. I came to know another important thing that is money management . It boosts my confidence in trading. Thank you Abhijit sir for sharing your experiences and Stories with us. 🙂

Anikesh Nandy

It is nice to have joined the QMT course. For a newcomer like me to learn technical analysis from a market expert having very good knowlege in the subject is wonderful. The course is well structured giving the required knowledge for a new comer. Trade setups which are taught and implemented as per the rules have a high probabilty of profits.
All training sessions are recorded and is given to all for better understanding and practise. Abhijit Sir is always available to give his guidance to students having difficulty. This course is very good for new comers.

Dilip Loban

I would like to add few notes from my QMT session.
1. The sessions are well designed to give you the overall understanding of how to approach the market with designed parameters and set of rules.
2. As a trader or investor you will be taken through the rules of the game. At the end of the sessions on a live market when you want to do real trades, these rules of the game will help you achieve high probabilistic trade setups.
3. You will exaclty know how to filter stocks and which stocks are to be focused for the next day. This area is something I see Abhjhit sirs principles and methods are super success.
4. I have struggled to identify next day stocks before I joined QMT. I used different apps and scan based on candles, open interest etc. These techniques have only helped me to a certain extent becuase you never know how market behaves the next day. But after QMT learnings, you will get a confidence of how to approach market next day and right places where you will place your target and stop losses.
5. Moreover the sessions are supported by questions and answers, you ask number of questions, sir will help you in each and every question and you will feel positive.

Overall QMT is a super course that every trader/investor should get in.


Mohammad Yusuf

Learning technical analysis at AST gave me inside knowledge of market/charts and now my trading decisions are mostly generating money for me. Thanks ast, thanks Abhijit sir.

Pradeep Saxena

Joining AST is one of the best decision I’ve ever made. It has increased my aptitude to think and trade like an expert. Am truly happy and proud of AST. I thank Abhijit Sir for being a wonderful and awesome mentor


Just completed this course. Found it to be value for money. It’s a no BS course and I would recommend it to anyone who is completely new to TA. In my case the only reason why I have purchased it is with the sole objective of stepping into the shoes of the trainer, in this case, Abhijit and trying to understand his style, philosophy and thought process applied while analyzing the markets.

Floyd - Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hi Abhijit Sir,

The QMT course has given me much confidence in selecting stocks, deciding my entry point and stoploss. The content of the course is well configured for a new bee to stock market like me. The money management session was an incredible one.

The most important part of QMT is your support and guidance post the QMT course as I will be learning more once I put your teaching to practise. Your guidance to clear our doubts means a lot.

Thanks sir. I feel grateful to have started my TRADING journey with QMT course. Any new bees like me should also start their journey in stock market with QMT, which will provide the necessary tools and knowledge.

Thanks Abhijit Sir !

Manorankan Kumar Singh

AST provide me the new dimension of thinking about stock market.

Mirtunjay Tiwari - Jharkhand

I came to know about Abhijit sir a few months back when I was searching for some TA training. I have had my doubts on the reliability as the internet is flooded with Share Market trainers & advisors. Anyway I went ahead and joined QMT course & everything changed from that point. He is one of a kind as a Stock Market trainer. A fixed time period training is not enough for an enthusiast as the doubts will start once he enter the trading world after training. This is the best part about him as he is always available to clear any doubts even after the classes. Hope to continue the relation for ever. Thank you sir.

Vipin Mohan

Dear Sir,

First of all thanks for the invitation. It means a lot to me.

As I told you there is no other person whom I know, who can help me or guide me with understanding the subject, and with a smile you told me that – “oh great so there is no one to hold you back”. There are so many words you exchanged with me which I’ll always remember as a GURU MANTRA.

Sir you are my GURU in this field. No matter wherever I go, from whom I learn, you’ll be my GURU.

Sir the journey is awesome. Although today I felt bad when I was coming out of the classroom and when I was thinking that this was my last class but I believe that it is just the beginning and I am sure that learning from you has just started.

Sir I don’t have enough words to express myself that how much lucky I am to be trained by you. Having you as GURU is really a blessing. So thank you for being there as a blessing.

Titas Ghosh

AST Training has given me excellent, useful and practical insights to trading.


After Mentorship, I become a rule-based well-disciplined trader. Earlier I used to randomly speculate the market with lots of indicators and tools. Now I’m very much happy with my approach towards trading.
Thanks to Abhijit Sir for his Great Mentorship.

Khemraj Timsina - Guwahati

I have been in market for few years now but always had difficulty in identifying what to trade and when to trade. This QMT course has given me that steps and process to identify what & when to trade. Also, I am very weak with fundamental analysis and after seeing Abhijit Paul’s video I resonated with his way of seeing markets, just using indicators to identify fundamentally strong stocks. QMT is first course which made me understand the use of indicators and how to use them properly. I am very fortunate to have attended this course and very grateful to be part of this group. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in taking up trading as a career.

Deepak Janaki

AST is a very well designed course in technical analysis which builds a good foundation and teaches you the correct techniques which work in the stock market

Ashwini Khanna - Pune

Awesome experience, now I feel like a confident trader. This course explained technical analysis in a very easy manner

Bharat Mittal - Haryana

Special thanks to Abhijit sir, for clearing my picture about strategies like Trend following, Swing or Contra. An so now I know and love to do the swing trading only

Yogesh Duhoon

Dear Mr Abhijit as i have briefed you before my 35 years career ended peacefully and since this was my passion area long before thought of pursuing this casually. Everything started with complete rigor and with new energy & wanted to pursue very seriously as second innings in my career after trigger happened from your Technical analysis sessions and that made me to really join your mentorship program & to be with you for learning for life time. Thanks very much for everything. Still I am a elementary student in this but your training will make me as a matured investor in the days to come.

M. S. Lakshminarasimham - Bangalore

I have attended a lot of course regarding stock market. But now I can say Abhijit sir’s QMT is the best as it gives the practical application. Those who attend the course can start making a portfolio of stocks for long term investing.
This QMT is really an eye opener

Sree Kanth

Hi friends This is Abid from Delhi works with one of the biggest private sector bank in India. I am associated with Sokhi from past 6-7 years. With collaboration with Sokhi Abhijeet sir have started the QMT course where I am able to learn technical, Charts reading candles, Hidden negative divergence all in one course with best mentor friend…’s been wonderful experience to learn. Thanks for all support and clearing all doubts….be your own Boss……

Mohd Abbeedh

Thanks, abhijit sir
I spent a lot of money for learning technical analysis, but I have never find like you and way of teaching in simple way. You teach every indicator and strategy in depth so that you easily understand it. Hats off sir, now I start my trading journey under your guidance.

Harshkumar Patel

I am a beginner in the stock market and QMT is my first ever course related to it. Being a novice trader, I was bit skeptical before joining this course. But as I was told I went through the blogs and vlogs on their website and the course turned out to be perfect for me. Inspite of being a beginner I was able to understand every concept that was taught to us and now i am pretty clear about how to work in stock market. Like Abhijit said in our last session that our actual journey of learning will begin from now when we actually start to work in stock market and I am sure this journey is also going to be as smooth and amazing as QMT under his guidance. Being a novice, along with knowledge we need little bit extra guidance and I am sure that subscription to AlphaBets will provide that extra guidance as we will be able to analyze Abhijit’s recommendations and learn from them.

Purvi Delwadiya

पिछले कुछ समय से मै अपने ट्रेडिंग स्टाइल मे सुधार के लिये technical analyses का course ढूढ रहा था। ओर जब मै nse कीwebsite se technical ANALYSES search Kiya. तो एक ही नाम सामने आ रहा था। ABHIJIT PAUL.i found and connect a lovely lady voise Payel. जिन्होंने मेरे काफी dought clear किये।ओर मै थोड़ा English language के लिये ड़र रहा था पर abhijit ji ने हमारे सारे सवालों के जवाब हिन्दी ओर English मे बखूबी हल किये।ओर QMT PROGRAM ऐक बढ़िया अनुभव है।हर trade को ज़िन्दगी मे एक बार जरूर technical analyses जरूर सीखनी चाहिये । मै रोज इनvideos कोrepeats कर कर देखता हू।ओर अपनी trading style मे बेहतरी महसूस कर रहा हूँ । धन्यवाद abhijit ji.आप सेहतमद ओर खुश रहे ओर ऐसे ही लोगो की ज़िन्दगी मे बदलाव लाते रहे।

Jatinder Sharma

QMT6 training is really an eye opening session for me. It actually helps me to see the market with different angle. The best part of this training is that it gives me a reason to trade without listening the noises. If my system convince me then only I will trade. One think I will always remember that if I take care of my risk, return will take care itself. Very well said sir…

Shrikant Shamrao Satam